Mediterranean Grill Welcomes you!

At Mediterranean Grill, our purpose is to create and serve food
with character – food that you love and crave.

Fadi Arnaout; AKA – “Grandma Fadi”

The Chef

Fadi Arnaout, the Chef and one of the owner along with his sister Feirouz Arnaout. Fadi has lived in the United States for over 30 years, is Lebanese but was born and raised in Kuwait. He is a self-taught cook inspired by important philosophy he obtained from his father and cooking technique received from his mother. He has since developed his style and generosity from Kuwaiti culture and has created a sort of fusion with traditional Lebanese cuisine. This has resulted in the chef’s own unique style and method of cooking.

Fadi is perfectionist; he strives for good eats and is incapable of making a bad dish — even the fries! In the past, Fadi was given several titles and nicknames, but he feels most honored by the title his employees use regularly: “Grandma Fadi” The name was given to him by his brother and friend on account of his homemade cooking filled with love.

This is his philosophy: “It does not matter if you are rich or poor, we are all going to die. The only thing you are taking with you, is what you ate that day and drank that day…. so it is better to eat good meal and have a good drink”

Delivery or take out

MENU & Order

Absolutely amazing experience! The chef is awesome! The food was incredible. The most authentic food I have had in 20 years! The portions are huge. We ate dinner and we have enough food for my lunch tomorrow and my lady has enough to eat for two days. They also make authentic Dunkin Donuts as the chef is a graduate of the Dunkin Donut Institute and they are made fresh every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is soooo worth the trip. They are .5 miles from my place and it is by far my fav place to eat. Wow is all I can say.

prepper in America Avatar prepper in America
May 14, 2022

Our favorite restaurant.

Mike True Avatar Mike True
May 17, 2022

One of the best places I’ve been to in the Portland area. Went out to lunch and left with a new favorite restaurant.

Daniel Ross Avatar Daniel Ross
June 7, 2022